How to Use a Spinnerbait Using Simple Methods – Informational Guide

Using a spinnerbait might be easier said than done if you don’t have the right details to assist you in using it. That being said, here is a simple guide that will show you how to use a spinnerbait easily and with less complexities as well.

There are ample ways to get it done but when it comes to using a spinnerbait, the process might be more complexed if you don’t know the simple means to get it up and rolling.

Here are some of the steps that you can utilize to make the process more simple. If you want to be an aspiring bass fisherman, you need to know how to use a spinnerbait.

Take it from me, as an avid fishing enthusiasts, I have went through the same ordeal as any novice enthusiast, but with the right tools and methods, catching bass with a spinnerbait is now a possibility.

Things that You Will Need


Before going fishing and before using a spinnerbait to catch a bass or a large fish, you need some things first. Here are some of the things that you need to prepare such as:

  • Spinner blades
  • Beads
  • Swivels
  • Hidden weight
  • Hook14 pound test line
  • Medium action rod

Step by Step Procedure

To use a spinnerbait requires some knowledge regarding the elements that must be taken into consideration before doing this method. Here are the step by step procedures in how to use a spinnerbait.

1. Choose the location

Since spinnerbait works as a contact lure, it is important to pick the right location to enhance its effectiveness. For one, you can try to choose a shallow creek arm or areas that are flat with stumps.

Also, try to search for areas with grass, brush or has weed cover. Never take location for granted. As you use a spinnerbait, the location is an important element as well. The cover is the key factor. For instance, in shallow waters, you can brush the spinnerbait through logs that are angle the bait into deep waters.

2. Check the weather

When using a spinnerbait, you also need to consider the weather conditions. Keep this in mind, for low-light days, the spinnerbait is the ideal option. However, it can also work in sunny days.

If the bass pushes under logs and be enclosed with thick covers, the spinnerbaits can usually call it out. Another thing to consider is the wind because if the wind picks up, you can catch not just the small fish, but the bigger ones as well.

3. Select the color of the lure that works best

When preparing a spinnerbait, select a white lure because it blends well with clear waters. For dirty waters in a sunny day, you can choose the chartreuse and white.

For overcast days, you can choose the blue and/or chartreuse if its clear water. You can choose bright colors for muddy water.

4. Get the blade

Before going fishing, you need to get the right blade and the head. To choose the right head or the blade size, you need to check the shape because it is one of the most critical factor.

For the newbies, it is important to use a lighter spinnerbait or the ones with a smaller blades specially if you're fishing in shallow water. If you are fishing in deep waters, you can opt for the larger baits instead.

5. Let the lure enter into the water

It is ideal to let the spinnerbait hit a structure or have it bumped against a structure. You can rig a baitcasting outfit using a 17-pound test line.

Then, you need to tie it on a 3/4-ounce spinnerbait. Give the spinnerbait a tug or a pop so that the blades will move.

6. Use a fast retrieve when catching a fish

To do that, make sure that the lure remains high and within site specially in murky waters. You can then retrieve the lure as slowly as you can and cut through deeper branches.

You can then turn the handle as fast as you can in order to keep the line tight.

Additional Tips

Given the fact that spinnerbait is known as the most versatile lure as of today, it is undeniable why fishermen would opt to use this bait in comparison to the other types sold in the market today. Also, here are some of the do’s and don’ts in using a spinnerbait.


  • Understand the process

Before even knowing how to use a spinnerbait, understanding and knowing the intricate details about the spinnerbait is imperative.

For one, a spinnerbait is basically a lure that has one or more than two spinner blades placed on an overhead shaft. The overhead shaft is then combined to the lower shaft.

  • Get the right angle

The fishing tool has a lead weight and a hook that is enclosed in a rubber tentacle covering which is why getting the right angle is a necessity for using a spinnerbait.

In regards to its size, it is sold in many variants. Besides micro to maxi variants, anglers can also get heavier or lighter spinnerbaits, depending on the type of fish that you would want to catch.

  • Retrieve properly

Retrieve the gear with just a few inches to several feet below the surface. If the water is pretty clear, you can even witness the method of retrieving the lure and watch it come out from the water.

For the most part, if you can see the lure, you can even see how the fish will strike it. There are instances wherein the bass seems will just appear from the middle of nowhere.


That being said, these are just some simple tips and steps to help you in your fishing endeavors. Learning how to use a spinnerbait could be easy if you follow the the right procedures and process. Take each step slowly and master it.

If you have any experience regarding the use of a spinnerbait, feel free to leave a comment below.

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