How to Snell a Hook the Quickest and Easiest Way

Snell knots could be consider as one of the older knots and was originally invented for eyeless hooks.

It has two primary types, the Tradition snell knot and the uni knot. It’s commonly used nowadays for hooks with an angled or offset eye to ensure alignment of the line to the hook’s point.

It is not time consuming for it takes only seconds to tie a hook. Attachments formed by this knot is considered as one of the strongest fishing knot out there.

It’s more reliable compared to tying to the eye of the hook which could affect and weaken the trace as much as 40%.

According to a recent research regarding the effects of tying fishing hooks versus snelling fishing hooks, the type of knot used has a significant impact on the catching rate. It was also found out that using a snell knot in circle hooks have the highest catching rate.

This type of hooks caught more than twice compared to other hooks such as O'Shaugnessy and Octopus of the same size.

Tips Before You Start

  • Choose the best quality of hooks and lines for productive and effective fishing and money saving.
  • Ensure that the eye of the hook is smooth, free from sharp interior edges to prevent your knot from being cut in the long run.
  • The leader you’re using should be clean and smooth all the way down.
  • As much as possible, avoid heavy leaders because it can make snelling a bit harder.
  • Always wet or add moisture to your knot before tightening it down. Tightening without adding moisture could severely weaken your leader. It might break under pressure.
  • Look out for curlicues or a short twisting line​ ​coming from the ​ ​snell knot for it might affect the overall effectiveness of the knot.

Take note of the tips above to maximize your fishing trip and avoid missing a big catch!

Now I’m going to share to you how to snell a special knot. It’s not the Traditional snell knot nor the Uni knot but a much simpler and easier version of the primary knots.

Ready for the big revelation? Drum roll please… Introducing the Quickest and Easiest Snell Knot! The way possible to snell a hook in just 3 simple steps.

This version of the Snell Knot was recommended by Kevin hawk, a professional bass fisherman of the Elite Series Pro. If it works for Kevin, then it will probably work great for us. Here’s How to do it.

How to Snell a Hook


The first thing you need to do is grab the tag end of the line, put some grip on it, get your hook, then slowly run the tag end passing through the eye from the of your hook.

Put an allowance of about 4-6 inches of your line and create a small loop parallel to the hook’s shank.


The next thing to do is to start wrapping the tag end of the line beginning from the hook’s shank all the way to the eye.

Make sure the lines don’t overlap each other as you wrap, allow them to be properly aligned side by side. Make about 5-7 wraps then grab the tag end of your line and pass it through the loop the you created beforehand.


After passing your line through the loop, pull both ends of the line to tighten.

This is the most important step so make sure the wraps are perfectly in place and neatly firm in the hook’s shank. Cut the extra tag end of your line to achieve a perfect snell knot.

After setting up your hook with a snell knot, the hook point will be coming straight up, right in position of the fish’s mouth, allowing you to catch more fish.

Aside from this version of snell knot, there are plenty more hanging around. Most of which are customized by avid fishermen which offers the same strength, efficiency and productivity in catching fish.

Want to know another way in snelling a hook? I’m happy to show you one more quick and easy snell knot that can help you increase your catching rate. You can do it in just 4 simple steps!

How you do the Easy Snell Knot No.2


First you must cut your leader line in the desired length.

Take the tag end of your leader line, slowly pass it through the eye from the front to the back of the hook, following through the shank.

Estimate the length of the leader line in the hook’s shank.


Next, hold the shank of the hook with the tag end of your leader line firmly.

Then begin wrapping 7 - 8 times, starting from the shank working its way towards the near end of the leader line.

Make sure the lines don’t overlap each other as you wrap. Allow them to be properly aligned side by side.


After wrapping the hook of the shank, grab the other end of your leader line and insert it slowly from the back to the front of the hook’s eye.


Finally, pull the other end of your leader line while holding the hook to help tighten and give you a firm grip, letting you set the snell knot.

This is the most important part, so make sure that the knot is neatly firm in the hook’s shank. Cut the extra tag end of your line to achieve a perfect snell knot.

To Sum Up

​Whatever kind of snelling knot you choose to use, if you follow the steps properly, with a little practice and dedication, you’ll probably become an expert.

Are the steps mentioned above helpful and easy to follow? Did your snelled hook help you catch more fish? Please keep us posted in the comments bellow.

If you have anything to share regarding snelling a hook, like simple tricks or you know a much easier and simpler version of a snell knot, please share it with us and feel free to hit the comments.

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