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Best Hooks for Catfishing You Can Get in 2018 – Informational Guide

Fishing has always been a hobby of mine. I used to do it with my dad as a kid, but now I mostly fish alone in a nearby river. It’s good for an afternoon or a weekend of relaxation. Sadly, my catch mostly consisted of small fish. Since I like eating catfish, I decided to look into […]

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The Best Catfish Rig for Any Catfish Species of 2018

There has been an increase in interest in catfishing among anglers. Because of this, more and more anglers have been looking for the best catfish rig that will help them easily catch catfish. The Best Catfish Rig Understanding Catfish for Successful Fishing4 Most Common Species of Catfish & Catfishing TipsChannel CatfishFlathead CatfishBlue CatfishBullhead CatfishFishing RigsReviews […]

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