Do Goldfish Sleep? Things that You Need to Know

One cannot help but wonder and perhaps, also worry and ask the question do goldfish sleep? After all, sleep is an essential action that all of us must do. It is vital to regenerate, relax and rest.

Just like humans, the same applies to the fishes like goldfish. However, as stated one cannot help but wonder if goldfish really sleep. This is because they do not have eyelids. Whatever they are doing, they have their eyes open.

So let us finally settle it, then. Do goldfish really sleep? In this article, I give you access to a detailed answer. Read on and find out. 

Do goldfish sleep?

Do goldfish sleep

Of course, the answer to this is yes. Goldfish sleep. Albeit, they sleep in a different way. Goldfish do not sleep the way that humans do. After all, they do not have eyelids and cannot close their eyes when they sleep. So how will you know then when they are sleeping? 

Sleeping indicators

The number one indicator that can determine whether someone or something is sleeping the eyes. However, since this factor is not really applicable to the situation of goldfishes, there are other numerous indicators or factors that can tell you if your goldfish is already sleeping or not.

First of all, whenever a goldfish is sleeping or it is resting, their heads start to point down. Along with this, their bodies begin to tilt as well. Moreover, when a goldfish is sleeping, notice that there is less activity going on along the fins.

They also will only hover slightly as compared to when they are awake. Also notice the depth of which the goldfish hovers. When they are at rest, look closely and you will notice that they hover at a very low level. In fact, they actually hover about an inch or two just above the actual floor.

Naturally, when goldfishes are resting or sleeping, they might make slow and small movements but they are less active. This causes the water in the aquarium to stabilize. Usually, this certain action from a goldfish comes with a change in the pallor.

Some fishers may begin to worry and mistakenly think that their goldfish has an illness. However, this is perfectly normal. Another thing you may also notice when they are resting is that their color may start to turn a bit pale.

However, this occurrence is also perfectly normal when your goldfish is resting.

Keep your goldfish sleeping

Do goldfish sleep

As stated, goldfish’s eyes always remain open regardless if they are asleep or awake. This also means that even when at rest, goldfish are still active and alert in their own way. As a result, your goldfish's sleep or rest can be easily disrupted and disturbed.

This may cause them some stress and can affect their health. So what are some of the things one does that may accidentally wake up a goldfish and disturb its sleep? Well, first of all, refrain from making any loud movements near the aquarium or near your goldfish.

This will surprise the goldfish and cause it to wake up. Second, whenever your goldfish is already sleeping and at rest, do not turn on the aquarium lights all of a sudden. Now, here are some measures and actions you can take to make sure that your goldfish will be able to get some sleep really well.

First of all, do keep in mind that goldfishes are just like humans. They sleep better when surrounded by the dark. This means that even when the aquarium is simply placed in a brightly lit room, a goldfish’s sleep may still be easily disrupted and disturbed.

That being said, do make sure that the lights of your aquarium is closed or turned down for exactly twelve hours or half of the day. This is because goldfish are most active when it is daytime.

In other words, goldfishes are diurnal. Make sure that their aquarium lights are not just turned off, but also ensure that the surrounding area or room is also dark. To be sure, turn off the lights of the room wherein the aquarium is placed. 

Swim bladder disorder

Do goldfish sleep

As mentioned, there are numerous indicators and factors that can determine if a goldfish is already at rest. Some of these factors include their heads starting to point down. These factors can also include their slight hovering among many others.

Some may find these indicators weird but these are all perfectly normal. However, there are certain actions that you may think are just normal sleep indicator but they are not. Observe your goldfish closely.

Notice if it is swimming or moving upside down. Now, keep in mind that this is not a form of your goldfish resting nor is it another sleep indicator. In fact, this strange movements may actually be an indicator that your goldfish has a swim bladder disorder.

The same applies when the goldfish is also somehow moving heavily to one side. So what is a swim bladder disorder? This usually happens when there is blockage inside your goldfish brought about by bacterial infection, stress or parasites.

Typically, it can be remedied easily. First, clean your aquarium. This is to clear out any bacteria in case that bacterial infection is the cause. Next you can also feed your fish a laxative. This may be green pea acts. 

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, the answer is yes, goldfish do sleep. It may be peculiar and strange since goldfish cannot close their eyes since they do not have any eyelids. However, do keep in mind that goldfish have their own sleep indicators that can help you determine when it is at rest and sleeping.

Moreover, do also keep in mind that their sleep can be easily disrupted. You must follow the aforementioned measures to ensure that their rest will not be disturbed. This is essential for the health and well-being of your goldfish.

If you have any other tips or opinions about it please comment them below. 

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