Fishing in the Rain: 7 Things to Know to Get Started


Ever heard of interesting stories of big fishes being caught during a downpour of rain? Wanted to know how they did it?

The real question here is, are you bold and courageous enough to be ready to venture into a fun-packed wet outdoor experience? Worry not, we have some tips for you to get started fishing in the rain.

Fishing in the rain could be a fun outdoor activity especially if you have the right equipment, type of bait and proper location to start with. Some might think it is a hassle and rather stay dry indoors.

But for diehard fishermen, a shower of rain is not much of a worry. It’s even a perfect opportunity for them to test out their skills and even try their luck for a big catch hidden in those dark, murky waters.

Aside from the enjoyment you get outside, you can somewhat get out of your comfort zone, explore new stuffs and experience something new, essential for personal growth and development.

Plus you tend to bond and get along with other anglers which can be beneficial for getting info’s. Before you start dreaming of the big catch, here are 7 things to know to get you started.

7 Things to Know to Get Started 

1. Be Aware of Fishing Regulations

First things first, the most important thing to know before heading out to fish is to know the local and state regulations. Some just take this for granted, but it really is necessary for your own safety and welfare.

You should be aware of the needed legal requirements, like getting proper documents and licenses. Respect designated sanctuary sites for fish to thrive and reproduce, in the end, we would also be affected if we don’t follow the rules for these sites.

You should also be not fishing species of fish who are not in season yet in order to maintain balance in the marine ecosystem. Learn to wait, time will come and your favorite fish will soon come in season.

2. Wear Proper Attire

Before anything else, you need to wear the appropriate attire to get started fishing in the rain. No one wants to be soaking wet while sitting and waiting for a fish to hook the bait right?

So why not be properly suited up by investing in some waterproof clothing to make you comfortable, warm and dry despite the wet weather you’re under.

Wearing appropriate footwear with spikes also helps you get through the muddy, sticky and somewhat slippery ground.

Bass Pro Shops’ Bone Dry line and Frog Toggs are some of the clothing line offering products designed for rainy conditions and keeping you bone dry.

3. Choose Right Fishing Equipment

Rainy days could be a perfect signal for you to use topwater baits since fish are more aggressive and likely to roam around actively pursuing bait.

You could also try throwing a spinnerbait to heat things up! Adding it with stick baits and you will surely have an epic and productive fishing. You should be using larger spinners than you normally would for larger fish tend to hit it right off the hook.

It is very possible that you will run into a pleasant surprise, catching much larger fish than you expected. You might want to consider the color of the lure your using when it’s raining.

The general rule would be, the darker the color, the better. It’s somehow true since many species are active under dark conditions than in bright sunlight.

Bass, for example, tend to have difficulty seeing lures during a rainfall, so a darker color would be advisable. Darker lures will stand-out, creating a silhouette effect perfect to target.

You can experiment with color combinations, but don’t forget to at least have a small hint of black and blue combinations.

4. The Effect of Rain

Have you ever wondered why many fishes come out during a mild drizzle to a heavy rainfall?

It’s because the downpour stream carries with it crawling critters such as worms and other organic matter through bodies of water and could also stir up other small aquatic animals which lure the fishes, resulting to a feeding frenzy.

The water level slowly raises significantly, then starts to cools off and tends to get murky causing large fishes to roam around and swim more freely. The disturbed surface of the lake helps you gain invisibility and makes it harder for your preys to see you.

A light rain can also make casting lines more discreet gaining you an advantage. You could also get a productive and effective fishing right after a real downpour.

During a hot summer season, oxygen amount dissolve in the water is at a minimum, making fishes lethargic and inactive. Rain will then help aerate the water giving it a cooling effect which in return actives the fish, a perfect time to do outdoor fishing.

5. Find the Sweet Spot

Rain causes fish to be active, more likely to move around and not locked up in a particular area. The favorite spot you used to fish is now likely to be spread out in a much wider area.

Be extremely careful in pursuing your perfect spot, you might slip, knock yourself out and cause severe injury. When fishing during the rain, don’t forget the basic schooling areas like points, ditches, ledges, or current seams.

You should also be a keen observer and look for surface run-offs for it carries with it attractive nutrients to fish.

Run-offs could be found in culvert pipes, mud lines, and creek inlets. Spending more time in these areas can be very effective and productive when fishing in the rain.

6. Know the Weather

When you hear the first rumble of a thunder and see a hint of lightning, you should probably pack your things and head back home. It is really not a smart choice to go fishing in a thunder or lightning storm.

Chances of getting hit is at critical so better evacuate as soon as possible. But next time, if the weather turns out okay with a steady rain, go out for it! You might be very lucky and catch big ones.

7. Have Fun!

The last and probably most important thing to know in every fishing trip is to have fun! There’s nothing more stress free than to engage into an activity and have fun. It’s a driving force which makes things exciting and never boring.

Why not be bold and courageous in exploring new fishing sites as you feel the energizing drop of rain and make a splash along the way. So enjoy and incorporate fishing in the rain with a positive outlook and never forget to always have fun.

In conclusion

That’s all folks! Just take into consider these 7 things, then you’ll be a pro in no time. Fishing in the rain would be as easy as counting 1, 2, 3 and could be as productive and effective just like any other weather you think it should be.

Have you ever tried and take note of the things mentioned above? Are they effective and helpful to your outdoor fishing trip?

Keep us updated and posted in how things are going for you. Let us know what is helpful and what is not in the comments.

If you enjoyed reading this, why not share this 7 wonderful things and help other aspiring anglers out there be prepared fishing for the next rain. If you have wonderful things to share, feel free to hit the comments.

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