Best Square Bill Crankbait That Makes All Of Your Uncles Happy!

I always know that there’d be an abundance of bass right in my boat when I get to use my square bill crankbait. Its effectiveness is well-noted right in the broadest sense of the word: it can be used across virtually all water clarity, temperature, and even the most covered of situations.

And if you want a lure that can be as effective in all seasons, having one of these is particularly encouraged. But as it goes — one begs to ask: what makes the best square bill crankbait among the varied choices? My post today will just about answer that.

I’ve compiled right below the five best square bill crankbaits that all seasoned bass fishers are dying to have in their tackle boxes. I’ve also included the places and situations in which you can fish your square bill crankbaits along with some of the most winning tips when using them as lures.

The 5 Best Square Bill Crankbaits

Our first product is designed exclusively not only to wow even the most seasoned of bass fishers out there but also those who are just starting. Leave your skepticism aside as my first contender is packing features and a design that should surely hook those bites on.

It comes with a unique mechanism that always “wanders” along with its erratic action while still serving its function. This crankbait is also known for its ability to deflect off that much-needed cover to lure strikes!

The product can dive from three to six feet with baits that feature only the sharpest hooks and some terrific action. Plus, it comes with no loose pieces while the paint and pattern’s details are all great and look intact. It’s no wonder why it almost always ends up as everyone’s favorite.

Specs (For Model KVD 1.0): 
+ Running Depth: Dives to 4”
+ Body Length: 2.5”
+ Treble Hooks: Two No. 6

What I Liked:

• Ideal for shallow water power fishing
• Equipped with a mechanism that “wanders” with erratic action
• Can dive up to three to six feet
• Aids on deflecting off cover to lure strikes
• Accompanying KVD baits comes without internal rattles
• Comes with the sharpest hooks

What I Didn’t Like:

• Materials used are not that premium
• The 1.5 size variant may not deflect off cover


One of the more preferred from Adam’s Custom Lures, the ATAK Series 1.25 is positively a feature-filled provider of its own. The crankbait is specially developed to cater those areas that are structure-laden and are adorned with rocky river edges.

If you’d want to entice more strikes for a prolonged period in changing seasons and water temperatures, then this bait might very well be ideal for you as it comes with a distinctive 1.25 sizing.

This crankbait also doubles as a jerkbait that turns around completely to tackle the predator fish that trails it when it is both twitched and jerked deep down.

Once both of these are achieved, an erratic swimming action is expected sans burning out while even in high speed retrieves. Meanwhile, the item is engineered to withstand rusting as it is armed with durable, plated split rings.

+ Body Length: 2”
+ Running Depth: Dives from 1.5ft to 3ft
+ Weight: 3/8oz (11g)

What I Liked:

• Suitable for bouncing off underwater wood
• Rises slowly to imitate natural shad
• Ideal for structure-filled areas, rocky river edges
• Distinctive 1.25 sizing for more strikes in an extended period in different seasons, water temperatures
• Doubles as a jerkbait
• Durable, plated split rings to prevent rusting

What I Didn’t Like:

• None


The Storm Arashi Rattling Square entry is unashamedly a must-have accessory in your tackle box. It comes with a Multi-Ball Rattle System that does a higher pitch along with a raspy tone that effectively mimics a shallow water baitfish.

Meanwhile, no hang-ups are to be expected as it features rotated hook hangers that nest the hooks close the body for a beefed up action; larger hooks are likewise allowed in this segment.

On the other hand, your fishing action is never interrupted with the item’s self-tuning line tie that operates under a free-moving design, keeping the lure tracking legitimate.

A diving depth is achieved rather quickly with its circuit board lip that revs up right away in a slow yet certain speed. Fans of the famed Silent Square 3 & 5 would be delighted to see that this offering is as promising as its predecessor.

Specs (For Model ASQR03):

Hook Size: 4
+ Running Depth: 3
+ Body Length: 2-⅛”
+ Weight: ½ oz

What I Liked:

• Features a multi-ball rattle system
• Comes with rotated hook hangers for increased action and prevention of hang-ups
• Self-tuning line tie for interminable fishing action
• Durable, extremely thin circuit board lip for a deeper diving depth
• Armed with built-in buoyancy to backing out of cover
• Square lip design for beefed up deflection

What I Didn’t Like:

• A bit overpriced
• Finishing material may come off easily


This excellent square bill crankbait also features a circuit board lip that is built in a fiberglass lip, giving it with such an erratic movement.

Its bill also comes with a more rounded shape as opposed to the more traditional squared look. Unconventional as it looks, this distinctive provision is the one that gives its action an extra mile

If you’re looking for a lure that expertly mimics a bait fish, then this crankbait might do you a favor. On top of that, the bait should aid you with that prize bass due to its erratic hunting action that you can find in Spro Fat John 60.

Specs (For Model SFJ60CSD):

+ Product color: Citrus Shad
+ Length: 2-¼”
+ Weight: ⅝ oz

+ Hook Size: 3

Diving Depth: 3

What I Liked:

• Features a multi-ball rattle system
• Comes with rotated hook hangers for increased action and prevention of hang-ups
• Self-tuning line tie for interminable fishing action
• Durable, extremely thin circuit board lip for a deeper diving depth
• Armed with built-in buoyancy to backing out of cover
• Square lip design for beefed up deflection

What I Didn’t Like:

• A bit overpriced
• Finishing material may come off easily


Equally efficient in producing both an erratic movement and strikes, the Lucky Craft LC 1.5 DRS is ultimately reliable in terms of its high quality that should last a considerable longevity.

This DRS (Deep Rattling Sound) variant comprises of a single knocker that creates a subtle yet suitable sound to further your chance of catching more bass.

The single knocker sound is also beneficial when you’re deflecting off the cover — a sure-fire way to come up with the much-needed strike. On the other hand, a silent version of this product is available for those who prefer to go quietly.


+ Length: 2”
+ Weight: ½ oz
+ Class: Floating

+ Diving Depth: 3-4 ft

What I Liked:

• Comes with a High Float design that races right to the surface whenever the retrieve is stopped
• Construction is durable enough to work well in rock hard areas and shorelines
• Can dive up to three to four feet
• Armed with a single knocker sound
• Available in silent version
• The first high-quality, plastic square bill crankbait ever made
• Ideal in rocky bottom areas

What I Didn’t Like:

​• A little pricier than usual

Where to fish with your square bill crankbaits?

If you ever want to optimize the effectiveness of your square bill crankbaits or you only aim (who doesn’t?) to increase the number of basses you’d catch, there are places in which you’d have to consider when throwing these lures. The following locations are known to improve your chances significantly:

#1 Laydowns

Most anglers surmise that woods and treble hooks don’t get integrated well enough — a theory that is also considered to be incorrect. In fact, square bills are specially developed to “deflect over” surfaces or things such as wood; and they are at such an advantage as they are snag-free as well.

These crankbaits can be fished right in the chunkiest of laydowns or trees that have already situated in the water. If you want to veer away from snagging, just ensure that you maintain your rod tip high enough to work the crank through such a laydown.

Now, once you get snagged, you may begin pausing and popping your line. This should free your bait and may also trigger that needed strike from the nearest bass.

#2 Rock-filled shorelines

Rocks also provide a more than decent amount of deflection for these crankbaits. So whenever you find “rip raps” or rock-filled shorelines, you’re likely to find a lot of bass in their respective habitat or when they are not feeding.

The bait especially works when it deflects off a rock where most basses are sitting or hanging out; when this happens, they are highly likely not to be able to resist the lure.

Make certain that when this happens, your rod had to be tipped down and focused right on the grind via the rocks. Also, a concentration must be paid wholly onto your hooks as a prolonged cranking on these shorelines may dull them rather quickly.

#3 Shallow Grass

I’ve collated below some of the winning tips that can beef up your expertise in bass fishing and in no time, the purpose of square bill crankbaiting:

Throw your square bill crankbait in cover as you bounce it off on a piece of structure. Once it hits the structure, it’s bound to bounce off in a manner that is both erratic and beneficial, in a way that it triggers the bass in the area to strike.

More tips on how to fish using a square bill crankbait

But if you want a sure catch and a tested and proven deflection, the use of a square bill is highly suggested: the shallow dive profile that goes along with it is known for its efficiency at clipping through the weeds’ tops. And when this gets hung up, simply tread a rip so you can pull them free.

Even the non-amateur bass fishermen would surely use a swimbait, spinner bait, or a chatter bait to lure that bass that is lurking on weed lines that go deep in 4 to 8 feet of water.

Fish the bass as fast as you can as you utilize the deflection to effect a strike. Both the speed and deflection along the shallow cover are all assured to drive these basses to go ballistic. Now, when the lure bounces off that structure, attempt to pause for at least two seconds — this is when the lure conducts its purpose.

Square bills are suggested to be thrown as much as possible right at the center of a “denser” environment. Perform a repetitive series of casts at a vast area of cover. This should be done as most bass around that are won’t budge or strike during the first pass.

This is especially useful during one of those sunny or bright days in which most basses are reluctant to come out from their hideaway. As such, persistence is key in this situation.

Casting your square bill offers you different options. When you go for a deeper-than-usual retrieve, focus on maintaining the rod tip low. This concentration enables you to maximize the looming depth that can be attained.

Meanwhile, your rod tip must be held high if you’re gunning for a “shallower” fishing. You may also look into varying the route of the bait a little slightly to the left or right by just walking the rod tip right in the direction that you’d want to follow.

The color of your square bill crankbait will vary depending on the environment you’re fishing along with the what the bass is “foraging” on in it. Also, the time of the year must be noted as this usually tells what these bass are hunting.

For a winter season
, go for a live forage that is adorned with patterns. Colors like Table Rock Shad, Bone, and Chartreuse are also recommended. For “pre-spawn” spring, opt for those which have hotter colors along with craw patterns.

For “post-spawn”, gun for spawning places along with a square bill crankbait that sports a bluegill and crayfish pattern. This season and strategy may give you your largest bass yet.

For summer, choose the crayfish patterns (the darker ones) like the Missouri Craw and Brown with Red Belly.

For Fall, the Shad types are getting more popular. These include the Batey Shad 2, the Grey Ghost, the Sexy Shad, the Tennessee Shad, and the White/Black Back among others.

This season is also deemed as a strategic time for square bills. Most basses are feeding well enough and are schooling in an enormous amount of number when they go foraging.


I all want a product that does its purpose efficiently, a justification that is all evident across all my entries today. But at the end of the day, I am highly likely to appreciate a purchase that doesn’t only wow us with its accompanying features and all but also that item that should withstand the test of time and the occasional wear and tear.

The Lucky Craft Fishing Lure LC 1.5 DRS Crankbait should be your go-to square bill crankbait if you’re need is situated right between these offerings.

Did you find the article helpful? I certainly hope that you’re able to find your next best square bill crankbait in the streamlined list I’ve gathered just for you. If you want to share your experiences with your lures, please feel free to sound them off in the comment section below. Until then, lure those bass out like a boss!

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