Best Catfish Rods That are More Than Capable – Top 5 Products Review

Catching a catfish can be quite a challenge especially if one isn’t armed with the best catfish rods. The species, whether they are blues, channels, and flatheads are noted for their often strong yet different demeanors? an observation that asks the entire world of catfishing to require various forms of fishing techniques.

In this case, choosing the right catfish rod is of paramount importance. But how does one know if that catfish rod is excellent enough? Does it just have to be singularly durable? Should the rod be that easy to maneuver with Today, I’ll reveal to you the factors that only matter when selecting the best catfish rod. I’ve also identified five top picks in this segment which should hopefully aid you in your selection process. The standout among my entries will be revealed at the very end of this post. Without dilly-dallying, let’s get on with our top contenders:


Product Name





OL Whisker Catfish Rod With Trigger Handle


10 ? 17 lbs

94/100 View Reviews

219087 Okuma Battle Cat 2pc Heavy 7?6in Casting Rod BC-C-762H


15-60 lbs

97/100 View Reviews

St. Croix Mojo Cat Casting Rods


10-25 lbs

99/100 View Reviews

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Catfish Casting Rods


15-30 lbs

97/100 View Reviews

Rippin Lips Super Cat Casting Rod With Glow Tip


20-50 lbs

96/100 View Reviews


Best Catfish Rods 


#1 – OL Whisker Catfish Rod With Trigger Handle


Especially ideal for channel and blues catfish, the OL? Whisker Catfish Rod With Trigger Handle is equipped with a rugged, premium quality construction and efficient sensitivity.

The rods were originally deemed as the first in a new segment of open water fishing rods? a role it still is playing when it comes to catching wild cats, all with ease and confidence. It comes with a high-quality tubular glass white blank and durable chrome guides. HT OL? Whisker’s Rod also comes with EVA foam grip handle along with a 6 phosphorescent glow tip. A sure-lock reel seat is also one of its inclusions right along with the extra-long foam handles and fluorescent day glow.

  • Action: Medium-Heavy
  • Length: 6 – 6
  • Line Weight: 10 – 17 lb



  • Comes with the sure-lock reel seat
  • 6 phosphorescent glow tip
  • Durable chrome guides
  • Blank through handle
  • Rugged, high-quality tubular glass white blank construction
  • EVA foam grip handle



  • None



#2 – 219087 Okuma Battle Cat 2pc Heavy 7?6in Casting Rod BC-C-762H


There is no doubt that Okuma’s entry isn’t bereft with sturdy yet comfortable construction. From its core rods feature? the extremely durable E-Glass rod blank construction down to its EVA Foregrip, your fight with the big cats are secured with finesse and reliable results!

Meanwhile, its cork butt section lessens the binding while you’re fishing using in rod holders; on the other hand, a high form of durability is expected with the product’s double foot welded stainless steel guides. The Battle Cat rod also features a heavy-duty stainless steel hook keeper along with a graphite pipe reel seat with a massive anodized aluminum hood. Its 2pc blank construction and design offer strength and easy transportation respectively.

The item is also boasting of fluorescent wrapped indicator tip which easily renders it as an ideal rod for nighttime fishing.

  • Action: Heavy
  • Length: 7 – 6 in
  • Line Weight: 15-60 lbs



  • Durable E-glass rod blank construction
  • EVA Foregrip for comfort
  • Double foot welded stainless steel guides
  • Heavy duty, stainless steel hook keeper
  • Graphite pipe reel seat comes with massive anodized aluminum hoods
  • 2pc blank design allows you to transport it easily



  • Handle splits into two varying lengths



#3 – St. Croix Mojo Cat Casting Rods


The St. Croix Mojo Cat Casting Rods are all built on a belief that versatility is of paramount importance when it comes to catfishing. And so, the rods are designed in ways in which they can be used on all known species right in the catfishing world: flathead, channel flathead, and blue catfish.

The flexibility is enhanced further by its robust built? an excellent blend of high-quality SCII graphite and ultra-premium, 100% linear S-glass. St. Croix rods also come with the patented Kigan Master Hand 3D guides that boast of slim yet strong aluminum-oxide rings along with black frames. Meanwhile, the proprietary Fuji ECS reel seat with a blank hood on casting models are also part of the inclusions. Others include the premium-grade cork handle and the exclusive Kigan hook keeper. The item is adorned with two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish.

Specs (For Rod Model MCC80MF2):
  • Action: Fast
  • Type: Cast
  • Length: 8 ft 0 in
  • Line Weight: 10-25 lb



  • Comes with high-quality, high-strain SCII graphite, 100% linear S-glass blanks
  • Crafted with Kigan Master Hand 3D guides
  • Slim, strong aluminum-oxide rings, black frames for durability
  • Finished with double-layer, slow-cure Flex Coat
  • Premium-grade cork handles for sure grip



  • A bit pricey



#4 – Shakespeare Ugly Stik Catfish Casting Rods


Specially crafted for catfish, all the rods from Ugly Stik comprise of the patented Clear Tip for the much-needed sensitivity.

This is further improved by its company’s exclusive Ugly Tech construction that gives the product a certain flair in terms of toughness and durability while being used against any wild catfish species. Meanwhile, the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Catfish Casting Rods also come with Ugly Tuff one-piece stainless steel guides. This great bang-for-the-buck product is also both well-made and highly efficient. This can be experienced right through its rods that hold up well when hauling big cats and logs alike even if they come from the river bottom. If you want something that lasts for long and won’t break your wallet, this one is worth your look!

  • Type: Cast
  • Length: 7′
  • Action: Moderate Fast
  • Power: Medium-Heavy
  • Line Weight: 15-30 lbs



  • Designed specifically for catfish
  • Comes with patented Clear Tip for high sensitivity
  • Proprietary Ugly Tech for tough and durable construction
  • Ugly Tuff one-piece steel guides
  • Ideal for casting and any fishing
  • Affordable price



  • New gimbal butt may come off as unfriendly to most mainstream and custom-made rod holders
  • A bit too heavy for some to use



#5 – Rippin Lips Super Cat Casting Rod With Glow Tip


Specially designed by the ultimate guru in the cat-man-verse, John Jamison, the Rippin Lips Super Cat Casting Rod With Glow Tip comes under the famed SuperCat series.

Does it feature six, carefully-selected length and actions? all of which are crafted to accommodate all known catfish species out there on a daily basis. Meanwhile, this series is also known for its integration of the select S-glass blanks which have lighter, stronger, and stiffer offerings. With the inclusion of S-glass, the rod is expected to provide nearly twice the modulus of its counterpart, the E-glass? culminating to a maximized blend of blank strength, along with smoothness and sensitivity.

  • Length: 7 – 6
  • Line Weight: 20 – 50 lbs
  • Power: Medium-Heavy



  • Designed by master cat-man John Jamison
  • Equipped with stronger and stiffer S-Glass structure
  • Customized EVA split grip handle for more balance
  • Guide wraps are epoxy-coated for extra protection, toughness
  • Split Grip design for Bump Casting



  • Real seat could be quite loose for some



A Quick Guide to Selecting the Best Catfish Rods

To make them easy for you, I have tallied four critical areas that you must consider when you’re catching a catfish and seven key features to look into when finally selecting the rod. Meanwhile, here are the four areas that are deemed crucial as catfishing rods have numerous shapes, sizes, and colors. Your chosen catfish rod will depend on these things:

  • The size of your targeted catfish species?
  • The strategy you’re going after
  • The catfish’s species
  • The budget

On the other hand, I have broken down seven essential features to look into when choosing the best catfish rod in the market now.

Remember that your rod shouldn’t just be durable and stronger to manage this often aggressive fish, it has to have distinct features for you to maximize its function adequately.

1. Long and versatile


Flexibility must be present in your fishing rod as preying on your catfish won’t only require you to perform a singular approach. There are two ways to attack this prey: one is by throwing in repetition while the other one employs the sit and wait? style.

Also, you have to have a longer fishing rod as this makes longer casts and allows you to cover more water.

2. Graphite rods

Graphite rods are especially suggested as these are robust enough to carry the weight of a catfish that approximately boasts of 85 pounds.

These rods are also known for its high sensitivity which quickly provides you with an indication that the catfish has already scratched its whiskers against the bait. With this type of rod, you’ll also feel even just a catfish?s nibble right on your bait.

3. The Length of the Handle


Ideally, a fishing rod with a longer handle is always suggested among seasoned anglers. This type of length gives many advantages: one is that it acts as leverage when fighting off a large catch.

Another benefit is the comfort that comes with it when grabbing a longer type of handle especially when it’s with rod holders. These holders? use is a common technique when you’re catfishing.

4. The Importance of Grip, Cork Handles

A cork, composite cork, or EVA form is regarded as the most preferred material on traditional rod handles when catfishing.

Other options include foam and cord handles; foam and cork are currently the most widely used materials that are used in a fishing rod, the latter being the newly added among the three.

Although these are essentially serving their functions similarly, most of the fishermen today are calling cork? as the best of the bunch. Foam handles are also encouraged as they are known for their great gripping power and their easy-to-clean design.

5. Power

The power of your catfish rod will depend largely on its strength and weight. Today, all rods? power ranges from ultra-light to heavy, and to some extent, medium.

As mentioned earlier, there are different species of catfish and that they require different techniques and rods as well: If you’re gunning after a channel catfish, medium or medium-heavy types of action are suggested; for the flathead species, a medium-heavy action is recommended. You’ll know the action of the rod based on the location where the rod bends in which weight is placed upon. For fast action rods, they’d usually bend around and near the apex.

Meanwhile, the moderate action bends right at the tip and the rod’s center. The rod which sports a slow action usually flexes right from the end of the handle down to the tip.

6. Appearance

For most, the appearance of a rod doesn’t really matter. But for the aesthetically inclined, color and cosmetics are paramount. I, myself, am looking into these with importance.

Essentially, it should all boil down to your preference and to the presence of the features, I’ve just stated above. As such, make certain that you always prioritize performance features over aesthetics so you won’t compromise your product’s ability at the end.

7. Guides


The guides or eyelets should give you more accuracy when it comes to casting. Also, these should aid you in distributing the weight evenly right through the length of the rod. Most guides today are equipped with stainless steel for an added durability.

But if you’re willing to shell out extra cash, you can also opt for those that sport aluminum oxide that effectively lessens the weight and friction while retaining its strength.

The Verdict

There is more to be adored right when you get to use the St. Croix Mojo Cat Casting Rods other than the certainty that they were built to withstand and accommodate your daily catfishing needs.

Ultimately, the rods are expected to excel under the most challenging and demanding conditions that are known to any angler. Right from its superior construction down to its reliable proprietary features, your money won’t go down the drain with this purchase.

Did you enjoy the article like I did when I was writing it? Did it now help you to decide which of them will suit your needs? If you have comments or suggestions or anything that you’d like to share, please sound them off in the comment section below.

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