Best Topwater Frog in 2018 – Top 5 Products Review

Whether it’s for their life-like mimicking of a kicking motion or the reliable effect of that much-needed attraction to catch fishes, there’s no doubt as to why the best topwater frog remains that popular since it skyrocketed to virtually all the anglers and fishermen, seasoned and beginners alike.

This lure has never been more effective and sinister when it comes to attracting some of the biggest catches. But the other thing that remains elusive to some is just how do you know if the ones that you have are the best of the bunch? How do you ascertain if your topwater frogs will function well as they should? In this post, I’m going to address all of these questions head. And to help narrow down your search, I’ve also identified the best topwater frog that is getting rave reviews in the market now. By the end of this article, the top choice among the five entries is going to be unveiled.

Product Name Size Color Rating Reviews
Booyah Bait Company Pad Crasher Fishing Lure

2 in

Bull Frog

97/100 View Reviews
Livetarget Hollow Body Frog

1-3/4 in

Yellow, Black

99/100 View Reviews
Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog Series 2.5-Inch Green Tea Style Fishing Lure

2.5 in


98/100 View Reviews

Zoom Bait Horny Toad Bait ? Pack of 5

4-1/2 in


95/100 View Reviews
Savage Gear Hollow Frog Imitation Legs Floating Fishing Lure

2 ? in

Green Leopard Glossy

96/100 View Reviews


Best Topwater Frog In 2017


#1 – Booyah Bait Company Pad Crasher Fishing Lure


The Booyah Bait Company Pad Crasher Fishing Lure is decidedly suitable for throwing it in the slop and weeds as its body is well-formed enough to keep your bait 100 percent weedless to come over and across these sloppy weedbeds.

This hollow body frog comes with a highly-durable double hook and spinnerbait-style legs. Meanwhile, the Booyah Pad Crasher? soft plastic is just about sufficient relative to its consistency to warrant a solid, consistent hook-ups as it remains weed- and snag-free. The product’s belly comes with chines? Does that enable you’re walking the frog? easy in open water; it also has the right weight for pulling over lop or in the pads for a big catch.

On the other hand, the highly realistic decoration schemes along with the adjustable spinnerbait-style legs should serve as your ultimate last reliable card to find some of the biggest basses in your locale.

  • Color: Bull Frog
  • Size: 2 inches



  • Premium hooks and components
  • Ultra-soft collapsible body that beefs up a hook-up percentage
  • Weedless design for snag-free fishing
  • Comes with durable, double hook and spinnerbait-style legs
  • Ideal for throwing in the slop and weeds



  • Easily gets filled with water



#2 – Livetarget Hollow Body Frog


If you’re secretly and constantly on the lookout for those fishes that can be extremely wary and notorious at times, then the Livetarget Hollow Body Frog should ease this anxiety. The intricate details that arm the frog should fool even the smartest of them all.

Live Target’s entry has a soft body construction that houses highly-sharpened hooks. The lure is especially ideal for fishing over the weed-choked location or even those that breed lily pads. Meanwhile, the lure is adorned with a weedless design that enables it to be worked over the cover without hanging it up!

All of this lure’s attributes should result to catch the biggest fish in your locale: from its anatomy, the detailed color, down to its custom double-hook. It’s no wonder as to why this product clinched the ICAST? Best of Show? title back in 2010.

  • Color: Yellow, Black
  • Size: 1-3/4 inches



  • Comes with anatomically correct and excellent frog detailing
  • Extremely soft that allows impeccable collapsibility
  • Weedless design
  • Ideal for fishing over weed-laded areas or those that breed lily pads
  • 2010 ICAST? Best of Show? Winner



  • A bit overpriced
  • Comes with a big profile


Livetarget Hollow Body Frog
129 Reviews


#3 – Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog Series 2.5-Inch Green Tea Style Fishing Lure


Touted as the most life-like lure that is available in the industry now, the Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog is utilized mainly for bass, pike, and musky right in a freshwater. When it is at rest, the lure’s body drops down in the water as it replicates the frog or bullfrog’s action.

Also, it boasts of premium components like its ultra-soft body construction along with its weedless design. You’ll be amazed as to how every detail in this lure contributes to its high, reliable output or result. Evidently a head-turner, this bait doesn’t only pile on with its good look, it also is armed with a one-of-a-kind swimming leg action that is specially crafted to imitate the frog’s natural movement.

While on the pause, the bait lays efficiently at a 45-degree angle for a higher hook rate. If you’re ready to select one from these colors, prepare for a jaw-dropping experience with its explosive strikes like you’ve never witnessed before.

  • Color: Croaker
  • Size: 2.5 inches



  • Deemed as the most life-like in the business
  • Ideal for bass, pike, and musky in freshwater
  • Boasts of high-quality components such as its extra soft hollow body construction
  • Weedless design
  • Unique swimming leg action



  • May be difficult to fish on pads with
  • Gets stuck more often



#4 – Zoom Bait Horny Toad Bait? Pack of 5


Reeling in at the top spot is no easy job. That’s why this Zoom Bait Horny Toad just keeps on giving with efficiency and reliability? a feat that can get challenging in this otherwise populated marketplace.

One of its most hallmark features comes from the fact that Zoom Bait’s entry is simply made of some of the highest quality material, from its soft plastic construction, the two ultra vibe legs, and slotted bellies that culminate to one of the finest killer baits around. Meanwhile, its perfectly-contoured frog shape should make it great for a topwater presentation. It can also be rigged weedless and fished right over grass and pads.

Zoom Bait’s entry can also be used as your go-to jig trailer; it is currently equipped with five baits. A salt mixture is also included in Zoom’s baits which makes fish hold on for extra time, rendering you with more hookups!

  • Color: Bullfrog
  • Size: 4-1/2 inches



  • Can double as a jig trailer
  • Can be rigged weedless and fished over pads, grass
  • Comes with five baits
  • Features a slotted belly which allows your hook to push out for a good hookset
  • Its shape renders it as a great topwater presentation



  • Rubber material is extremely rough
  • Doesn’t last too long



#5 – Savage Gear Hollow Frog Imitation Legs Floating Fishing Lure


You have got to give it to Savage Gear when it comes to doing its job in replicating a frog quite efficiently. Patterned via 3D from an actual frog itself, the lure has an ultra life-like paint jobs and back legs that are nothing short of a perfect replication.

The two-leg styles feature a spread leg imitation for twitching along with a curled leg reaction. So, if you’re gunning for bass in and around heavy cover, this one is for you! Right with an ultra-sharp single hook, Savage Gear’s contender has more than sufficient form and structure that culminates to realism that attracts most bass into biting it.

  • Color: Green Leopard Glossy
  • Size: 2 inches



  • Comes with an ultra-sharp single hook
  • Ideal for bass in and around heavy cover
  • Perfect frog imitation; patterned from a 3D scan of an actual frog
  • Features a devastating walk-the-dog action
  • Also suitable in the grass and lily pads



  • Legs get lost easily


A Quick Guide to Choosing (and Using!) the Best Topwater Frog

As there are an array of topwater frogs in the market now, it can be quite overwhelming at times when you begin to narrow down your options. This is partly due to the fact that these lures come in a variety of types that entirely depend on the location where you’re going to fish.

But as it goes, you can still arrive at your destination and choose the right ones based on these features:

1. Size and Shape



In terms of your topwater frog’s size and shape, there is only crucial information that you have to remind yourself: ensure that the bait that you choose possesses a near, life-like impression of a frog.

Frog baits are naturally and readily available in all sorts of sizes and shapes. As it always does, these baits should be appropriate to the condition that you choose: there will be baits that should do well right in thick vegetation while there are those which should perform highly as they show some form of resistance.


2. Color


Akin to your bait’s size and shape, its color should also be able to imitate the natural and almost-genuine hues of a frog. Needless to say, this will all boil down to your choosing, and it is a must that you choose it well as this is crucial when you’re trying to attract fish. When choosing my frog lure colors, I also utilize the same principle that I have when selecting other lures in my arsenal: For low-light conditions, I choose darker colors, and for clear water situation, I go for lighter or natural hues. For darker tones, I go for black, amber, and my favorite, dark green.

3. Frog lure types

Knowing how to differentiate and determine which type of topwater frog you’re going to use is a major plus when choosing the best one out there. It won’t only make your endeavor easier, but ultimately, you won’t be wasting money in the long run. I’m listing down the all known types of frog lures for your perusal:

  • The Hollow-Body Frog

This type is used mostly in conditions in which there’s a lot of surface vegetation and thick grasses. It features a hollow and versatile plastic form that comes with a double hook which slings in an upturned fashion. Meanwhile, the hollow-body frog’s body is soft and collapses quite neatly.

  • The Hard Plastic Frog

Armed with an exposed hook, this type possesses a hard body that is built out of plastic. If you’re on a hunt for lures that impress upon a realistic look, the hard plastic frog type is the one for you.

  • The Propping Frog

As its name implies, this variation is ideal for those who opt to use it on open water. Also, it comes with a more realistic look due to its propping movement. One of its more popular features is its ability to split water when it falls on it. Propping frogs are both available in hard and soft-bodied versions.

  • The Soft Plastic Frog

The soft plastic frog is especially known for its ability to imitate frogs relative to the way they kick and swim in the water. It is also similar to that of the hollow-body frog as it is weedless.

The only difference is that it sinks down slowly as opposed to floating right on the surface. When you move your rod, this lure swims on the surface and slowly submerges when you pause it. This type is ideal for locations which breed of mosses.

Where do you fish with frogs?

Topwater frogs blends and performs well in places where they can be considered as preys of bass. To put it simply, these are the places where frogs do reside. These locations include areas with shallow water and thick vegetation like weeds, lily pads, and stumps.

Always bear in mind that if the location seems shallow and is evidently swampy, then that would be a signal for you to enjoy using your topwater frog lures. As a general rule, these lures are especially effective when your bass either are lurking or feeding in shallow warm water.

The Verdict

It’s been a tougher-than-usual competition among our entries: all of which features excellent frog imitations and add-ons that could also and easily make them end on everyone’s list of the best topwater frogs.

However, the Livetarget Hollow Body Frog is still essentially the best among them. Albeit with a narrow margin from its closest rivals, the lure speaks volume in terms representing frogs anatomically down to its soft body construction and weedless design. I must say that this lure is still a winner for me!

?Did the article finally help you to decide which one suits your needs? Did Livetarget’s entry deserve its spot? If you have more tips to add, please feel free to sound them off in the comment section below!

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