How to Fish a Whopper Plopper to Catch Plenty of Big Bass

A lot of anglers today are using whopper plopper as bait for bass. Despite its popularity, no one can fully explain how it can catch bass except that it’s successful in doing so. The whooper plopper is a unique lure that can take getting used to.

In case you are not aware, this lure does not sink but floats. The trick is to attract the big bass to bite the lure on top of the water. This post will try to explain how this particular lure can attract different types of bass. I will also present the best possible ways on how to use the whopper plopper.


Things That You Will Need

  • The whooper plopper

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This lure carries the best combination of buzzbait and crankbait. It has two sections where the front part is composed of plastic. Meanwhile the rear or tail part has a soft propeller. Once you retrieve the lure, the tailspins which make the plopping? sound. Now you know where the whooper plopper got its name.

The whopper plopper comes in three sizes namely, the 90, 130, and 190. Only the first two are suited to catch bass. The 190 is usually reserved for fishing musky but you can use it to catch bigger bass.

  • Fishing Lines
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I use braid since it’s the most suitable for the whopper plopper. It doesn’t stretch much so when the bass bites, you can instantly feel the resistance. The bass is also instantly hooked before it has any chance of throwing the lure.

You need to make sure to use heavy lines, the kind that can carry 50 to 65 pounds of weight. The 50 pounds is suitable for open waters while 65-pound lines are ideal in waters around the brushes, cables, and docks.

  • Fishing Rod
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You need a moderate fast-action fishing rod. The ideal length is around seven and a half feet to eight feet. These types of rods can keep any pressure that the bass may throw out.

Not all fishing rods will work in the same environment. Consider keeping different rods to find out which type is suitable for the specific fishing location. The specific length that you will ultimately use also boils down to personal choice.

  • Fishing Reel

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Get a fishing reel that can make quick starts and stops. You need one that has a high gear ratio of around 7:1. Reels with this kind of gear ratio can help you retrieve your lure quickly.

  • Double Plopper Buzzbait


It’s worth mentioning this new kind of lure. It’s a combination of the whopper plopper and a buzzbait. Instead of a single one, it has two plopper blades. This new lure has the same ability as the whooper plopper. It continues to float when paused.

Steps on How to Fish a Whooper Plopper

1. Steady Retrieve

This method is easy to learn and use. Just cast out the lure and wait for the bass to bite the bait. You have the option of adding some twitches and pauses. But a steady retrieve is more than enough to get a bite.

2. Pause over Structure

You can use the whooper plopper to catch the attention of potential bites by using its rear tail. Normally lures such as the buzzbait sinks when paused. But this is not the case with whopper ploppers since it floats.

This technique requires you to cast the whopper plopper over certain structures where the bass is possibly hiding. Once the lure is over the structure, pause for a while then a quick retrieve.

The movement simulates a nervous baitfish that simply wants to get out. This trick is certain to elicit a strike from any bass nearby.

3. In Case the Bass Miss the Lure

There is always the chance that the bass will miss the whopper plopper. But don’t panic there still a way where you can lure the bass to come back again.

Continue with the retrieval as normally as possible, this will allow the bass to strike again.

Another trick involves having the bait make some quick jerk followed by a quick retrieve. This will simulate an act of a baitfish fleeing from a predatory fish.

4. The Right Whopper Plopper Size

The whooper plopper 90 is only three and a half-inch long and weighs only? ounces. Its small size makes it effective in attracting smaller bass. On the other hand, the 130 is 5 inches in length and weighs around 1 3/8 ounces.

Admittedly, it has a bigger profile which enables you to cast the lure over a wider area. As mentioned earlier, the 190 is best used for the biggest bass out there.

Most anglers will use the 130 whenever possible. But the 90 is preferable when the weather is slick and clam. The small size is also suitable for fishing in muddy and slippery bottom floors

5. Throwing the Braided Line

The braided line is also known as abrasion resistant. You can use this type of fishing line around structures. In case the bass gets wrapped around a wood or rocks you don’t have to worry about the lines getting broken.

You could also use the braided line to cast whooper plopper further out to the water. Just like the lure, the braided line also floats.


Additional Tips

  • You could control the speed of the whooper ploppers tail by how fast or slow the lure is retrieved. The tail generates a low-frequency sound if you retrieve it slowly. On the other hand, you can generate a high-frequency sound with a fast retrieve. But the most suitable speed to catch bass is a fast and steady retrieve.
  • There are 15 colors available to anglers but the most popular ones are bone, blood blue, loon (black), perch, rainbow trout, and white. Some anglers argue that solid colors are better than the translucent ones. Currently, this is still up for debate. For now, just stick to the lure color that works for you.
  • Many experts agree that the whopper plopper works best in fishing spots around rocks.
  • There are no fixed rules on how fast you need to retrieve the lure. But there are two major considerations the water temperature and how the bass are acting up during that particular day. Some claimed that they were successful with a paused line and then pull it just like a topwater lure.



The whopper plopper is getting much attention these days because of its ability to effectively catch bass. But in order to catch the big bass, you need to have the proper equipment and learn the proper way of using the whopper plopper.

The size of the lure, type of rods, reels, and lines can also influence your success in catching the biggest bass of your life. There are also several techniques you need to learn that can help in catching the bass faster.


I hope this article has given you some knowledge on how to fish a whopper plopper. Please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, and comment on the comment section below.

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