How To Fish A Buzzbait – Read These Can’t-Miss Tips

It always amazes me every time I see Anglers uses a Buzzbait in topwater fishing. It seems fun and exciting using this kind of lure for shallow water fishing. So to satisfy my curiosity I bought one for myself to find out what makes this one special that fish like a largemouth bass are easily attracted to it. 

And then I saw the propeller kind of thing attached to it and right there it explains everything. No wonder Largemouth Bass can not refuse to take the bite as it travels through on top of the water.

I love the invention actually, the way they designed the buzzbait is quite innovating. That is why I called this thing the ?Scout? because it is effective in covering unfamiliar water area. I use this lure just to check the presence of fish in the area as well as to analyze their reaction to such kind of bait. It is truly awesome and one of a kind type of lure.

First time using Buzzbait? I will show you how to fish a Buzzbait step by step but let?s tackle first some things that concern out Buzzbait.

So What is a Buzzbait?

Buzzbaits are the topwater lure that is excellent for shallow water fishing. It is made from a wire and metal designed to disrupt water surface to attract fish.

I have a propeller or blade that spin every time it is pulled through the water creating splashy sound and vibration along the way. It has a hook of course at its end and skirt made of rubber or plastic. 

It resembles the spinner bait in design the only difference is that it has a propeller blade above its long arm while the spinnerbait has a spoon like metal above its arm. This makes the Buzzbait more superior as top water lure because it was specifically designed to make better vibration as well as water surface disturbance.

Buzzbaits are actually simple lures they are not complex in design. It has a flattened lead head. The wire arm diameter is ranging from .035 to .050 mm. It has a silicone skirt as well as 2 wings made of aluminum on the top.

What makes it great is that it has a rivet that creates the squeaking sound that makes the Buzzbait more noticeable in the water.

Things That you Will Need

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    A Fast Reel

When using Buzzbait as a lure, you are going to need a high-speed reel that is capable of making your lure to travel fast above the water. I suggest using a reel with a 7.3: 1 ratio capacity to make this happen.

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    A long and Flexible Rod

A 6?.10? XF Rod is suitable for topwater fishing with a Buzzbait as a lure. With this, you can cover much of the water and can have a lightning fast hook set.

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    Stronger Line

A 50 lb Braid line would be better, unlike the fluorocarbon that sinks.

Steps On How To Fish A Buzzbait

1. Choose the Right Location

Shallow cover and shaded areas are one of the best areas where you can cast your Buzzbait. Fish lurking on beds in shallow waters can easily spot any disturbance above them and any lure passing on top of these beds are a sure target for these fishes. While shaded area provides cover to your Buzzbait. Here is some hot spot where you can try your bait.

a. Rubbles or Rip Raps

Buzzbaits are best around these files of rocks especially when it is near with shad spawn vicinity.

b. Wharfs & Docks

Pilings around these structures are ideal for buzzbait fishing. Most of the time it is here in these man-made structures where bigger bass and other fishes are lurking.

c. Underwater Vegetation Or Submerged Weeds

Big fish can be seen swimming in these areas to find food so there is a big chance for a bigger catch. But be careful not to get entangled on these plants.

d. Flooded Areas

These are unfamiliar territory for most fish and they are vulnerable to any lures you feed on them. Bigger fish are most likely to wander in these areas.

e.  Isolated Cover

A fallen tree or a big Rock is perfect example for this one. The key word here is ?isolated?. The fishes swimming in these areas are in an ambush mode so anything on their path is a sure bite.

2. Choose the Right Gear and Tackle

Reel Speed is the key for a good and effective Buzzbait fishing. Keeping your lure on the top of the water is dependent on the speed you make. A reel ratio as high as 7.3 to 1 is ideal.

To cover more water surface area you will need a longer rod. 6.10 feet or higher as 7 feet is advisable. Trailer Hooks can add to your advantage unless a thick cover is present in your location.

Changing the color of the blades and skirts can be found useful in varying situations. You can use silver or white during shad spawn, Gold or Black when fishing at night and Black or White for regular fishing.

3. Choose the Right Time to Fish

Choosing the right time of the day to fish using a Buzzbait may vary from one angler to another. But the most important thing is to understand these low light periods of the day. 

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    At Dawn just before sunrise
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    Dusk time after sunset just before night
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    During Heavy Clouds and is about to rain
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    Gloomy Skies
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    Fall months and late spring are the best seasons for topwater fishing with your Buzzbait.
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    During Shad Spawn is a great opportunity for your Buzzbait to catch some Bass.
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    After Storm where fish are hungry and starts to feed and hunt recklessly.

4. Casting

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    Make a long cast. The farther you cast your Buzzbait the more water it can cover. 
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    The moment your bait touches the water does not allow it to sink deeper, try to bring your bait on top of the water using a quick crank to the reel.The retrieval should be initiated immediately.
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    Once on your bait reaches the water surface, a controlled speed during retrieval is recommended allowing your buzzbait to create tension and vibration in the water to attract fishes down below.
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    If you are lucky enough, big fish like largemouth bass could spot your bait swimming fast on the surface and may grab it.
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    If still unlucky to catch any attention from the fishes, do it again but this time makes it faster than the first one. Varying your speed on every cast is important to find out how the fish react to it as well as to establish the right speed where fish is most attracted to.

To see the Buzzbait in action you might take a look at this video:

Additional Tips

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    The modification can be made to your Buzzbait to produce more sound and vibration. By simply deforming the blades like slightly folding and tweaking is enough to change its direction above the water.
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    You can customize your Buzzbait according to your own personal preference. It?s just changing the looks of your bait above the water to make it more appealing to fishes. 
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    It is better to make your bait less sinkable by changing the skirt and replacing it with plastic to make it more buoyant on top of the water surface.
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    Trailers can also be used in addition to your bait to attract more bites.


Buzzbaits are one of a kind type of lure and is widely used by most anglers for top water fishing. Though its popularity starts to fade because of the newer and trendier designs, I still consider it as one of the most effective top water lures ever exist.

Hope you find this helpful in using your first Buzzbait. For any comments and additional tips feel free in our comments section below.

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