Best Jerkbait Rod in 2018 (#1 Will Inspire You More!)

Do you go with a light, fast tip? Should it fall between a light and medium action? Is line size really that big of a deal? Does your head revolve into these series of questions? If it does, you’re definitely on a hunt for the best jerkbait rod.

I must insist as these queries had also surfaced right on top of my mind (in loops, no less!) when I was in your place, searching for the right one! And if you were a frequent reader of my blog, you should know by now that these questions are bound to be answered in one way or another. Along with these, I’ll also provide you the only considerations you must look into when choosing the best jerkbait rod. Right before this section, I’ll be identifying the top choices I have carefully selected based on what the consumers are raving about in the market today.

Product Name


LureWeight Rating Reviews

Lew’s Fishing Tournament Performance Jerkbait Rod


1/8-1/2 oz 98/100 View Reviews
Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 705CB


? – 1 oz 97/100 View Reviews
G. Loomis Fiber-Blend Jerkbait Series


3/8 oz 95/100 View Reviews

G. Loomis Classic E6X Mag Bass Rods


5/8 oz 96/100 View Reviews
Dobyns Rods 704CB GLASS Champion Series


 oz 94/100 View Reviews


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#1 – Lew’s Fishing Tournament Performance Jerkbait Rod

A suitable embodiment of robust and lightweight, the Lew’s Fishing Tournament Performance TP1 Speedstick is a one-piece rod that features a quality IM8 graphite blank.

It comes with the patented Winn grips handle along with the proprietary Dri-Tac technology split which grips to give the optimized rod that “control” in varying kinds of weather.

Meanwhile, the rod guides possess the American Tackle’s microwave guide system that guarantees an utter line flow effectiveness, eliminating the wind knots while improving the casting’s accuracy and increasing the distance of a cast. On the other hand, the product’s first guide has a look and an act that resembles a small tunnel; this ensures that the line shoots right throughout the small diameter guides that are situated strategically with the blank. If you want comfort when you’re casting, I’m recommending this one for you!


  • Style: Topwater/jerkbait
  • Power: Medium-light
  • Action: Fast taper
  • Length: 6 – 8
  • Line rating: 6 – 12
  • Lure Weight: 1/8-1/2
  • Guides + Tip: 8+TIP


What I Liked:

  • Comes with high-quality IM8 graphite one-piece blanks
  • Features the proprietary American Tackle Microwave Guide system for wind knots elimination
  • Has a special skeletal graphite reel seats
  • Equipped with professional style hook keepers
  • Patented Blue Winn handles (on Inshore models) and Split-grip Dri-Tac handles


What I Didn’t Like:

  • None



#2 – Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 705CB

Technically a crankbait rod, this fishing rod can still be added right on my list. The reason why this has been included among my entries is that of its flexibility.

Aside from crankbaits, you can also use this for jerkbaits, sammys, lipless rattlebaits, the LV500, and Staycee 90. It has all the qualities you should find in a rod at affordable pricing: sensitive, light, durable, and well-balanced. Dobyns Rods? new Fury Series is armed with significant features all anglers are expecting to have. These include the high modulus graphite blank, the Fuji reel seat, the durable Kevlar wrapping, and the AA grade cork grip that comes with a high-density Hypalon butt.

Meanwhile, model FR705CB is equipped with a medium-heavy mod fast action crankbait rod that is suggested for an 8-17 pound line and A – 1 ounce of lure weight.


  • Color: Black/Green
  • Power: Moderate Fast action
  • Length: 7 – 0
  • Lure Weight: – 1


What I Liked:

  • Comfortable to hold
  • Premium construction
  • Tip of the rod is more than sensitive
  • Ideal for sammys, lipless rattlebaits, and Staycee 90
  • Affordable price
  • Weight and balance are above the price point


What I Didn’t Like:

  • Short reel seat threads
  • Shorter rod butt



#3 – G. Loomis Fiber-Blend Jerkbait Series

Do you often sacrifice power when fishing baits? If you’ve gone over the edge and tired out of this approach, then the G. Loomos Fiber-Blend Jerkbait series should be able to let you enjoy your hobby without that laborious approach.

It comes with a light, ever-responsive tip that enables you to do just about that. The rod is armed with fast tips along with the distinctive progressive power taper by which you can work the lures with accuracy without exerting much of an effort. And whether you go fishing for spots and largemouth, it all boils down to the temperature of the water. The rod works with flexibility: on a warmer setting or a quicker, aggressive movement, this rod has all the power to do just that without overloading it.

Whereas in a situation which it needs to be subtle, the rod’s tip is light and responsive enough to provide a slight twitch!


  • Model: JBR 753 C
  • Action: Fast
  • Length: 6 – 3
  • Line Weight: 10-17 lbs
  • Lure Weight: -3/8 oz


What I Liked:

  • Designed with a mid-tip flex for high accuracy and lure control
  • Features patented Fiber-Blend Technology for excellent balance and power
  • Comes with the proprietary progressive power taper
  • Butt-section is equipped more reserve power
  • Light, responsive tip


What I Didn’t Like:

  • None



#4 – G. Loomis Classic E6X Mag Bass Rods

Beloved by many for its quality offerings, it’s not that really hard to fall on one of G. Loomis’s variants. One prime example is its Classic E6X Mag Bass Rods: its Mag Bass actions right in its materials are all set for a lightweight and easy-to-cast, highly flexible bass rods.

The patented E6X technology enables the anglers with an ultra-sensitive blank which passes vibration as opposed to absorbing it. As such, this rod is quite ideal for those baits that require that familiar kind of feel.? Meanwhile, the product also has this universal? bass rods that boast of Fuji guides along with full cork grips. And with the very feature’s exposed blank trigger reel seats, a positive control is achieved!


  • Model: E6X 782C MBR 6 – 6
  • Length: 6 – 6
  • Handle: K
  • Action: Fast
  • Line Weight: 8-14
  • Lure Weight: – 5/8
  • Power: Medium


What I Liked:

  • Comes with universal bass rods; Fuji guides, full cork grips included
  • Equipped with materials that are lightweight and easy-to-cast
  • Allows anglers to make a hyper-sensitive blank; the efficient transmission of vibration
  • Positive control can be achieved through the exposed blank trigger reel seats
  • Many variants to choose from
  • Highly durable and responsive


What I Didn’t Like:

  • A bit too pricey


G.Loomis E6X 6'6 MH Casting Rod (783CMBR)
7 Reviews


#5 – Dobyns Rods 704CB GLASS Champion Series

There is an amalgam of strength, weight, and balance right in the confines of the Champion series in Dobyns rods.

Some of its hallmark features include the proprietary high modulus graphite blanks, the zero tangle kian guides along with their sic inserts, the Kevlar wrapping, the fuji graphite reel seats, and AA-grade cork grips.

Similar to Dobyns Rods first entry, this series is also armed with that familiar lightweight, strong yet sensitive, and superbly-balanced rods. Ultimately, my last contender can also be used for crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and topwaters.


  • Length: 7 – 0
  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Action: Fast
  • Lure Weight:  –  oz
  • Power: Medium


What I Liked:

  • Also ideal for crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and topwater
  • Equipped with high modulus graphite blanks
  • Zero Tangle Kigan guides are included (with sic inserts)
  • Armed with Kevlar wrapping
  • thumbs-o-upAA-grade cork grips
  • Rods are light and well-balanced


What I Didn’t Like:

  • A bit overpriced
  • Blank is a little crooked


Key Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Jerkbait Rod

In selecting the best jerkbait rod there is among the multitude of options out there, you’ll be prompted with questions to which one serves the best action, Which between the two has the best power rating? Is there a difference between using a long fishing rod and a shorter one?

This quick guide will just about answer that. The following are the specs that you should remember when you finally choose your jerkbait rod:

#1 The Power Rating

Whenever you go fishing with a jerkbait, it is important to remember that your fishing rod should sport a power rating that runs from the medium? to medium-heavy. This particular range of rating will provide you the power to manipulate your bass or fish without having to overpower it and ripping the hooks out from its mouth.

#2 The Best Action

So, what really warrants the best action in a jerkbait rods Considered as the most crucial rating that needs to be looked into when you’re fishing with jerkbaits. The jerkbait rod’s action is deemed as such because this rating affects the behavior of the lure when it is right in the water.

Seasoned bass fishers know that the lure’s action is the mechanism that triggers your strike. Sans this consideration, your success won’t be that pronounced in the water.

PRO TIP: In regards to action, you may approach fishing a jerkbait with two different methods: there is the fish-it-slow-and-steady and the quicker types.

Now, if you’re planning to use the first method, I’d highly suggest the similar moderate to slow action step you’d use when utilizing a crankbait rod. Also, this particular action is being used mostly when fishing in cold water in which it doesn’t require much of an action. On the other hand, the quicker approach, which is deemed as the common between the two, is known, relies on the lure’s action. You only need to look into expertly using the fishing rod along as you twitch it quickly right in the water. There will also be those times in which you’re fishing it from a topwater. If this is the case, make certain that you exert much of your action in your lure. As such, I am recommending an action that ranges from moderate fast? to fast.? With this in your hands, you’ll be able to provide the jerkbait which eliminates the movement bass crave.

#3 The Length of the Fishing Rod

One must also look at the length of the fishing rod. As it doesn’t have much to do relative to the lure’s movement, this will entirely depend on the rod being twitched.

Meanwhile, if you choose to have a particularly long rod, it should do you two things: first is that it will hit the water’s surface right on each of its twitch. Some fishermen would start to work it by switching it from side to side: and while this may be as effective as it is, the process itself can wear you out that quickly. Thankfully, you can avoid this situation by simply choosing a short fishing rod. A longer cast is not attainable here, but this will ensure you a tireless approach on a few castings.

#4 Shorter Handle Equates Comfort

The handle’s length will prove beneficial to your entire experience if you know how which one to choose. The lure itself may not be affected by this factor, but the fact that comfort is a must in any given tool, one must be particular in this regard.

As such, when you choose to have longer handles, the chances are that it gradually tends to become cumbersome especially when you’re twitching in an extended period. This points to a proven fact that shorter handles tend to provide more comfort when fishing. All said, the length and action of your jerkbait rod are perhaps the most essential factors you have to look into when looking for the best one. In my case, a 6-6 medium power rod along with a soft tip is what I consider to be more than good enough as my jerkbait or topwater rod. My uncle, who jerkbaits a lot, would always tell me to always go for a legitimate rod, not one of those really soft rods out there; these are not for a cranking application.

He added that the rods we should go for should have a bit of a backbone as you’ll often hook that fish on a long cast which should ultimately help you to cast well. Also, a stiffer rod will help you work the bait a lot easier; a soft tip is also highly encouraged to be looked into.


If one must really peruse, all of our entries are distinctively a stand-out. As evidenced by their virtually tighter-than-usual ratings, each contender has its own set of advantages while some were able to produce varying drawbacks.

All in all, I have been quite smitten by how the Lew’s Fishing Tournament Performance TP1 Speedstick Topwater/Jerkbait Casting Rod functions: from its sufficient power and fast, reliable action, down to its hook keepers and much-needed proprietary features, I must say I am more than impressed.

Did you enjoy the ride to finding the best jerkbait rod around? Do you think the top choice deserves its spot? If you happen to know a product that I may have probably missed, please let us know by sounding it off in the comment section below!

John Morris

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