Best Boat Covers on the Market 2018? Top Products Review

Ever since I scored a boat from my father, my patience, to say the least, has gone from dry to ultimately long-lasting. My boat has endured it all: a tumult of varying temperatures and humidity, damp evenings, the hottest sun, and the never-ending wet-dry cycling.

But with the best covers around, this patience has been replaced with thoroughness and discipline; thoroughness for being meticulous to finding the right one and discipline for painstakingly ensuring that my boat gets the utmost care it deserves. Your boat will no doubt be subjected to the same series of situations. And inevitably, your patience will also run thin at some point. But that can be all prevented if one is adept enough to find the best boat covers on the market now. But how does one know if his purchase is the best one.

Today, I’ll make everything easier for you: first, I’ve identified five of the best boat covers to narrow down your options and right before reveal our top pick, I’ll also be providing the only buying guide you need to have on this journey.

Product Name Length Material Rating Reviews
MSC Heavy Duty 600D Marine Grade Polyester Canvas Trailerable Waterproof Boat Cover

14 – 16

Polyester Canvas

94/100 View Reviews
Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-Duty Boat Cover

17 – 19


98/100 View Reviews
Brightent Boat Cover Heavy Duty BC1 600D

14 – 16

Woven Polyester

97/100 View Reviews

Seamander 600D Marine Grade Polyester Boat Cover

14 – 16

Polycanvas marine-grade fabric

93/100 View Reviews
Leader Accessories 600D Polyester 5 Colors

14 – 16

Polyester Fabric

95/100 View Reviews


Best Boat Covers in 2017


#1 – MSC Heavy Duty 600D Marine Grade Polyester Canvas Trailerable Waterproof Boat Cover

Image result for MSC Heavy Duty 600D Marine Grade Polyester Canvas Trailerable Waterproof Boat Cover,Fits V-Hull,Tri-Hull, Runabout Boat Cover

The boat cover from the esteemed MSC is a heavy-duty, all-ideal product that is specially designed to accommodate long-term storage, and right when you’re mooring or having highway travel.

Its fabric is very much able to withstand all the inevitable shrinking or stretching due to daily use because of it’s both UV-coated and mildew-resistant. Meanwhile, the item assures of that much-needed tight and custom fit as it is equipped with adjustable straps that come with quick-release buckles along with an elastic cord that is sewn right throughout the bottom hem.

Our first item also features a durable, water-resistant 600D heavy-duty marine grade polyester canvas.

Specs (For Model A) :
  • Length: 14 – 16
  • Material: Polyester Canvas



  • Ideal for long-term storage, mooring, and highway travel
  • Repels rain adequately
  • Thicker fabric
  • Comes with storage bag and sufficient tie-downs
  • Lightweight



  • Color fades a bit too fast for some
  • May get your boat stained



#2 – Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-Duty Boat Cover

Image result for Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy Duty Boat Cover With Support Pole For V-Hull Runabouts, For 17' - 19' L Up to 102" W

It is not that hard to fall for Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-Duty Boat Cover especially when you’ve just first seen it. It has virtually all the hallmarks of a boat cover one must be looking for: a set of marine-grade boating accessories that all culminate to the product’s extra durable material and optimal water repellency.

Also thrown in the mix of its perks is the UV-protecting and mildew resistant fabric that is touted to counter all known weather conditions. Water-pooling is also expected as this boat cover comes with support poles that should aid in preserving the cover. Meanwhile, the dual rear air vents with built-in stiffeners lessen the wind pressure as it allows the moisture inside to escape. With or without a windshield, this cover should fit most boats!

  • Length: 17 – 19
  • Material: Polyester



  • Comes with an extra thicker fabric
  • Ideal for locations that snow a lot
  • Easy cables
  • Designed for V-haul
  • Inexpensive



  • Fabric is prone to fading
  • Fragile buckles



#3 – Brightent Boat Cover Heavy Duty BC1 600D

Image result for Brightent-Boat covers Heavy Duty BC1 600D Three Sizes Water Proof Trailer Fishing Ski Covers

You can give it to Brightent when it comes to making boat covers that are sure to last. Made by a 600D woven polyester material with PU coating, the marine-grade fabric is decidedly excellent in water-proofing.

It has an 18-meter extra belt that can give the entire cover that extra tightness from its front right down to its rear. Currently, there are nine sets of belts that come with it four upper ones, four lower ones, and the abovementioned extra belt.

Moreover, this tightness provides extra cover security. Durability in this boat cover is peaked by its double stitching, a perfect rendered sewing that does its job in providing strength and reliability to weather various conditions.

  • Length: 14 – 16
  • Material: Woven Polyester



  • Easy installation, removal, and storage
  • 100% waterproof
  • Comes with robust straps
  • Durable buckles
  • Ideal for rainy and snowy locations



  • Fabric is a little thinner
  • Fabric is also prone to fading



#4 – Seamander 600D Marine Grade Polyester Boat Cover

Image result for Seamander 600D Marine Grade Polyester V-Hull Tri-Hull Boat Cover

Easy fitting and optimal trailerability are all paramount with Seamander’s 600D Marine Grade Polyester Boat Cover’s integrated strap system. Meanwhile, its distinctive interlocking double-stitched seams with a marine-grade thread is also noteworthy.

The same can be said with the cover’s properties which can weather all challenging marine conditions. As it is designed for everyday use, this fabric is slated to last long and useful. Does this quick and easy-to-install cover also have a fabric that is expertly woven for breathability a feature that can prevent potential heat and moisture build-up.

It features a soft material that safeguards its exterior against surfaces and scratches. Its add-ons include a free integrated strap kit and a cool storage bag.

Specs (For Model A) :
  • Length: 14 – 16
  • Material: Polycanvas marine-grade fabric



  • Heavy-weight canvas material
  • Easy to tie down for trailering
  • Durable, elastic bottom
  • Equipped with double PU back coating
  • Comes with 12 adjustable straps, mesh storage



  • Not exactly thick as you’d compare from its rivals
  • Not recommended on over 40 mph



#5 – Leader Accessories 600D Polyester 5 Colors

Perhaps the most versatile among our entries is the boat cover from Leader Accessories. It is touted to fit virtually all the most popular hull styles with five sizes in the market now.

Your confidence in the brand won’t be compromised relative to its longevity as its product is made of Shore Master 7.25 oz. 600D heavy-duty, marine-grade polyester fabric that is also coated with urethane. Meanwhile, our last item is trailerable and is easy-to-use. It is ideal for both trailering and storage; easy-fitting is also to be expected as it is equipped with quick-release buckles and strap system on the cover.

On the other hand, its elastic cord right in the bottom hem should provide an overall tighter-than-usual fitness. Its add-one include a free mesh storage bag.

Specs (For Model A):
  • Length: 14 – 16
  • Material: Polyester Fabric



  • Materials used are of premium quality
  • Easy-to-attach straps
  • Ideal as an in-season cover
  • Fits most popular hull styles with five sizes
  • Every top seam is reinforced with 1-inch poly-web strap for the long haul



  • Not highly suitable for snowy locations
  • Prone to fading


Essential Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Boat Covers

Image result for Essential Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Boat Covers

What makes a great boat cover As it goes with all our product reviews in this blog, there are also crucial factors to look for when you’re selecting your first or the best boat cover.

These considerations will define as to how good your product is going to end up and more importantly, on how well and worthy your purchase is going to be. All in all, the output should benefit your boat!

1. Waterproofing

If your boat frequents the outdoors all the time, a waterproof fabric should be at the top of your checklist.

If your product has a fabric that allows the water to permeate the boat then your prized possession may be jeopardized due to corrosion. Ask your retailer or seller whether they cover you’re choosing is waterproofed.

2. Size

Make certain that you’re equipped with the right dimensions of your boat. Boat covers come in varying sizes; as such, ensure that the brand you’re choosing offers the size you’re looking. Your boat’s dimensions are critical in this as you don’t want something that is either too loose or tight when it finally gets fit.

3. Seams

A boat cover that doesn’t sport well-done seams may give you a headache in the future. Seams are important as they determine whether or not your boat should come together with the cover. Akin to a waterproofed fabric, you must also ask the retailer if a cover is equipped with a good amount of seaming.

4. Tying Cords

Once the entire cover is done being tied up, tying cords are crucial to make this process complete. Needless to say, the cords must be durable enough and can be managed easily so the user won’t encounter any issues when the need arrives to unravel the entire thing again.

If you value ease and comfort and everything that you do, you really must consider tying cords in a boat cover.

5. The Right Kind of Tightness

In boat covers, a fit that is customized should enable the cover to perform better in time. So, if you’re utilizing straps that are tied-down, or say snaps, in order to your cover on the boat, then it is not going to pan out quite well enough to resist the water.

6.  Know Your Dye

It is essential that you know the right type of dye when you’re buying a boat cover. As it is, it is always recommended that you go for a cover that is made from a solution-dyed polyester filament which features a forced color.

On the other hand, when you opt for solution-dyed fabric covers, they may ultimately stain and take a toll on your boat’s gel coat and upholstery. Meanwhile, the specifics about dyes on your chosen brand?s fabric may vary so make certain that you ask this information.

7. A Cover That is Reinforced Underside

When the cover touches the boat’s hard edges like the windshield frame, then chances are that it may get roughened up. To prevent this, go for a cover which has a reinforced underside.

Also, choose either a white felt-like or plastic batting as this material won’t allow the dye to leach right on an aluminum windshield frame.

8. Ask Yourself Why You Need a Boat Cover

Knowing the purpose of your boat cover will definitely allow you to determine which type of cover you’ll end up with. For covers that are designed to fit loosely on your boat or simply to protect your boats during anchor, at the dock, or when you’re simply storing them on your trailer, storage covers are the ones for you.

On the other hand, if you’re gunning for one with a snug fit along with reinforcement in high-wear locations just to weather the traveling conditions at highway speeds, then you must choose the trailering covers.

9. Dark or Light Colors

It’s always been suggested to go for the darker hues due to their ability to increase the UV resistance of a fabric. Meanwhile, dark colors are also known to withstand the wear and tear of its regular use.

If you must, go for blue, black, and green. The only drawback with darker colors is its propensity of absorbing more heat which then gets transmitted beneath it.


More Winning Tips

  • Make certain that all the equipment that you want to be included in your boat are all part of your final measurements.
  • Oversized covers are prone to billowing, especially in windy conditions ultimately resulting in more snagging and tearing right on edged objects; too fit covers, on the other hand, may subject the fabric in needless stretching which can also be a cause of damage.
  • Utilize a sufficient amount of tie downs when you’re navigating public roads at high speeds. You may also remove the storage cover altogether for your own safety.
  • Ensure your boat cover’s life with longevity by making certain that your cover is snugged enough. To do this, each tiedown loop is tied securely to your boat or trailer with the use of rope, straps, or shock cords.
  • You can wash your cover with a detergent or mild soap. Before rinsing off the dirt, shake the dust off first. For stubborn elements, you may use compressed air. Your cover shouldn’t be subjected with a scrub brush or even placed in a washer or dryer. Bleach and harsh astringents are also not advised.


The Verdict

The StormPro Heavy-Duty Boat Cover from Classic Accessories is a clear standout among our entries. Although most of our items are prone to fading which in this case is inevitable, our top pick’s overall features still outweighed its noted drawbacks.

With its fabric that cannot be stretched or shrunken, the pooling-preventing pole support, down to its elastic cord that customizes fit, this one won’t truly disappoint in giving you your money’s worth.

Liked this article? Did our top pick deserve its spot? If you have anything to share, please feel free to sound them off in the comment section below.

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